Sunday, 18 March 2012

Our Blitz Writing Plan

80,000 words is a tall order for any author. For two complete amateurs, and in a very limited timeframe, it should be near impossible.

To make our deadline we will need to be exceptionally disciplined.

We've started today with various doodles. Sean has been penning mind maps on character relationships, while Dan has been setting up our social media presence.

We now have down in a lovely (backed up) word document the bare bones of our story.

Our approach is to write down the key events, the major milestones, and our intended character arcs then work back adding details of the conversations, actions and sub plots that we need to get to and from each milestone. This should then give us our roadmap to writing the book.

Once this is done we'll divide up the sections and work out how many need to be written each day.

As we can't write full time we imagine most of our serious writing sessions will occur at the weekends (with some background blogging, editing of each other's chapters, and thought time filling out the rest of the week).

While all the writing is going on, we'll also be blogging, tweeting and face booking about our efforts.
Many thanks to those that have followed us on twitter, liked our facebook page or taken the time to comment here at

See you soon,


Word count as at 5pm on the end of day 1: 1332

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