Thursday, 29 March 2012

A quick progress update from Dan

Last night we announced on Twitter that we hit 20,000 words. That means we are now 1/4 of the way through the raw word count (given our 80k target) but only twelve days into the writing, with 78 days more left to use.

We could have written quite a bit more,  but I'm having trouble touch-typing fast as I broke a finger while dry-skiing. Thankfully I've been able to dictate to my co-author, but it has stilled slowed us down a bit.

We're still a long way from being done though. Once we have our raw finished story we'll do our own primary edit, then we'll be passing it over to our editor for his comments, then review and rewriting.

We'll also still be keeping up our social media presence, as well as developing some other adverts both online and in print (particularly local mailing of business cards using QR codes and the like).

Formatting will of course be our last task - it's not one we have had to do before, and we haven't researched this aspect of e-book production at all yet, but we think we've got enough time to get it done.

Thanks for reading,

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