Wednesday, 4 April 2012

An experiment in getting to know the KDP system.

Evening all,

No actual writing done today, at least as far as the novel is concerned.

Instead I spent quite a bit of time playing around with another document trying to learn the basics of Kindle formatting. I didn't want to be a .mobi virgin when I attempted to upload the 90 days novel result, so I instead wound up uploading a couple of introductory legal skills guides aimed at 'A' Level and undergraduate lawyers to be.

The two guides I uploaded are 'An Introductory Guide to Mooting' and 'An Introductory Guide to Negotiation'. Both are incredibly niche and I expect at best a handful of sales.

The mooting guide is a 'how to' step by step guide to standing up in court for the first time. A moot is a mock court case that law students use to learn. Most of the texts in this area are a) very chunky, and b) very expensive. Mine is very brief but covers all the basics that you'd need to know to give it a shot. Legal skills are mostly learned on your feet, so a primer giving you the answers to all those urgent pre-moot questions is a handy thing indeed. I've priced it at £1.49/ $1.99 plus tax, i.e. the minimum I can for the 70% royalty rate. I'd have liked to have made it a bit cheaper, but that's the royalty banding for you. It's still less than a beer, and could well help a young would be barrister on their way. I've tried to be brutally honest in the description - it isn't a substitute for a larger text, but most undergrads will buy them and leave them on the shelf (I know more than a few that passed the bar without reading a guide!).

The second guide is a sister publication dealing with the art of negotiation. It runs through how to pitch an offer, the basic psychology of negotiation (including a brief intro to psychometric profiling) as well as defining common terms used in legal negotiations. We've then added a fairly detailed negotiation scenario for people to try at home as again, it is a really hands on skill.

Both titles are written from the perspective of the English bar, but the techniques apply internationally and hopefully a few will be able to benefit from the mistakes I made when I was learning.

I'll be updating the descriptions once the titles have exited the 'Publishing' stage on KDP, and trying to come up with a couple of quick e-book covers to boot, but it's not my primary focus as I really do need to get on with the novel.

Have a great evening all!

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