Friday, 6 April 2012

Friday Update

We're fast approaching the three week mark in this challenge. The time has quite literally flown by. Since we started we've sent over 450 tweets, gained thousands of fans, followers and rss subscriptions. We've also written around a blog post a day on various topics, and responded to several thousand direct messages. It's been very busy, and we're delighted with how amazingly supportive the online writing and reading community has been.

We're now over halfway through our first draft, coming in at 40,104 words this morning. If we carry on at this rate the first draft will be done in around half of our time limit, leaving the rest for editing, e-book cover design, formatting, and promotion. We think it'll still be manic, right up until day 90.

At the end of it we'll be putting it on Amazon's kindle store. We haven't decided on a price yet (though we did narrow it down to somewhere between $0.99 and £2.99 in our last blog post) but we'll make a call on this once we've tested the manuscript out on a few friends to see if it's any good. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the pricing issue. How did you set your ebook price/ what did your last ten ebook purchases cost on average?

We're taking a break from blogging for the rest of the long weekend, and we'll be back on Tuesday, although you can still find us on twitter in the interlude.

Keep reading & writing!

Dan and Sean


  1. well done for reaching 40k. That's amazing! With regards to pricing, it wildly varies for each author. Those with publishers tend to have higher prices, indie writers usually set them lower to gain readers. The advantage of the $2.99 is the 70% royalty and we strongly disagree with Amazon only allowing a 35% royalty at the lower prices when have sod all to do with the book.
    That said, ours is 99c for a couple of reasons - the main one being 2 of the stories were published online previously. One in an ezine that was free to readers, the other on a blog, which was also free, so we felt we'd be cheating people if we charged them for stories that were already available for free elsewhere, so e see it as charging for the unpublished one (Kiss of Death) and getting the others free.
    A lot of indie authors do sell their novels at 99c to entice the impulse buyers and because they don't have the same marketing behind them as the traditionally published authors do, but really the same amount of work goes into any novel, whether it has a traditional publisher or not. So 99c with a 35% royalty is really too cheap for that amount of work.
    With all the work you're putting in, you deserve the 70% royalties, so price it at $2.99. You can always drop the price for promotional deals or in the summer when sales generally tend to drop.
    Hope this makes because it's Red Bull o'clock and the brain cells start to diminish at this time :)

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that this time, I can leave a message. I love the challenge that you two have set for yourselves, and as we say in the business...break a leg! Thanks for the follow @Fey1IsleofSkye, I'm happy to reciprocate. :)

  3. Enjoy your Easter break - you deserve it!
    And I'd certainly be happy to pay $2.99 to read your book once it's finished.