Saturday, 7 April 2012

Lucky 7 Game

I wasn't intending to post an update this weekend. As you know I'm taking a very short break over Easter as blogging every day is a little too much to do while writing etc.

However @vanessagrassi kindly tagged me in her 'Lucky 7 blog game' which is a game to share a small hint of our current works in progress with the online writing community.

Here are the rules (stolen from Vanessa's blog):

 1.Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript.

 2. Go to line 7.

 3. Copy down the next seven lines/sentences as they are – no cheating.

 4. Tag seven other authors.

So without further ado, here are the 7 lines from p77 of our 90 days novel manuscript as it stands today:

With suspicion clouding her judgement, it was often hard to be sufficiently empathetic.
The news clearly came as a shock. Mrs Sugden just that there, silent. A tear rolled down her cheek.
It was her sister who broke the silence.
"How did Peter die?"
Hayley paused. It was an odd situation. She had dealt with murder victims, accidental deaths and even cot deaths in the past. Death by self defence was not in her repertoire of expertise.
"He drowned in the river Thames. I'm ever so sorry." It was the truth. The widow didn't need to know the specifics of how he ended up in the river.

I'll be tagging 7 authors in the next few moments (after post creation so this link can be sent), and I'll update the comments section with their names.


  1. We've tagged the following wonderful writers:

  2. thanks for thinking of us. We will definitely do this, but it'll either be tomorrow or Wednesday because we've got a guest on our blog today and we don't want to take the spotlight off her. Hey, if you guys ever want a guest spot on our blog, we'd love to have you on.

  3. No rush :) it'll be fun to your read 7 lines (or if you are like us, 7 and a half - we didn't want to cut it off mid-sentence).

    We may just take you up on that offer - probably near day #90 :) We're hoping to syndicate a journey recap blog detailing the whole novel writing journey from a blank document to publishing.

    We'd love to have you guys guest here too :)

  4. :) you should definitely set up a blog tour when you're done. There are bound to be loads of people who'd love to have you on their own blogs. Ooh, forgot to mention - love your extract. It's very intriguing. Can't wait to read the rest of it. Seeing as you cheated, can we cheat too? Like maybe choose the best 7 lines from a random page, or someone else's novel...:D Kidding! We'll probably pick the novel we're working on atm. Unless those lines are terrible. Then we'll pick a different novel until we find lines that make us look good.

  5. I think we got a bit lucky with the p77 thing - both in that it's not an awful paragraph, and also because I was an idiot and had put 'emphatic' instead of 'empathetic' the first time around. I hope we'd have spotted it on proof reading, but glad to have fixed it nonetheless.

    I sincerely doubt any lines you girls have written would ever be terrible. I'm hoping a couple of the other authors tagged will take part too, I'm really curious about what they are up to.

  6. we hope they don't then that'll make us look fantastic and christ knows we don't need their competition ;D

  7. Gah! Those 7 lines are really intriguing.