Friday, 13 April 2012

One edit down, many more to go.

Since finishing our first draft on Wednesday we haven't rested on our laurels. We've been busy doing a self-edit to get rid of the many errors that crept into the manuscript over the last month. We've now got a word count of 78,295 which is respectable enough given our target of 80,000.

We're now going to turn over the manuscript to our alpha readers who come from a variety of backgrounds, and we hope will bring differing perspectives to the work. Once that's over we'll be getting on with developmental edits to make sure the plotline as whole works for those alpha readers based on their feedback and then we'll turn the manuscript loose on our beta readers (volunteers appreciated, just leave a comment below if interested).

We're currently working on the artwork as we've decided that a professional touch is probably worth the investment.

Have a lovely weekend all!


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