Monday, 16 April 2012

Today's Kindle Freebies (April 16th 2012)

Kindle titles that are free today (Monday April 16th)
Format: Title / UK link / US link / Genre
List is alphabetical, and no affiliate links have been used.

28 Powerful Reiki Attunements (UK) (US) [Non-Fiction]
A Handbook for the Spiritual Journey (UK) (US)
A SEARCH FOR MEANING From the Surface of a Small Planet (UK)(US) [Non-Fiction]
After The Lies (UK) (US)
As the Sun Turns Black (UK) (US)
At the Edge of the World (UK) (US)
Banished: The Gods Among Us Book One (UK) (US)
Betting on Hope (UK) (US) [Chic Lit]
Classmate Murders (UK) (US)
Crying through Plastic eyes (UK) (US)
Dead Man's Justice (UK) (US)
Funnily Enough (UK) (US)
George Knightley, Esquire, Book One: Charity Envieth Not (UK) (US)
Gray Justice (Tom Gray #1) (UK) (US)
Heads (UK) (US)
How to Distract a Duchess (UK) (US) [Historical Romance]
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Written by Herself (UK) (US) [Biography]
Jaguar Sun (UK) (US)
Lily Loves to Love (UK) (US) [Chic Lit]
Lodestone Book One: The Sea of Storms SF (UK) (US)
Merry Baker (UK) (US) [Crime]
Michal's Window (UK) (US) [Historical Romance]
No Matter What (UK) (US)
Progeny (UK) (US)
Promise Me This (UK) (US) [Historical Fiction]
Redemption Day (UK) (US)
Role Reversal (UK) (US)
Rowena Through the Wall (UK) (US)
Secrets From Inside the Pizzeria (UK) (US)
Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle (UK) (US)
Stranger in Paradise (UK) (US)
The Blood Upon the Rose (UK) (US)
The Bridle Path (UK) (US)
The Devil's Dime (The Samaritan Files) (UK) (US)
The Everything Grow Your Own Vegetables Book (UK) (US)
The Feasts of Lesser Men (UK) (US)
The Four Laws of Purpose: Keys to Living Your True Calling (UK) (US)
The House On The Creek (James Creek) (UK) (US) [Romance]
The Lake (UK) (US)
The Marriage Challenge (UK) (US)
The Missing Daughter (UK) (US)
The Seventh Island (UK) (US)
The Sherlock Foundation (UK) (US)
The Traz (UK) (US)
The Wheel of Justice (UK) (US)
TIME CHILD and other stories (UK) (US)
Welcome Home (UK) (US)
Winter Affair (UK) (US) [Romance]

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