Sunday, 15 April 2012

Today's Kindle Freebies

Kindle titles that are free today (Sunday April 15th)
Format: Title / UK link / US link / Genre
List is alphabetical, and no affilliate links have been used.

28 Powerful Reiki Attunements (UK) (US) [Non-Fiction]

A Handbook for the Spiritual Journey (UK) (US)

A Life of Death (UK) (US) [Horror]

A Scarlet Bride(UK) (US)

A SEARCH FOR MEANING From the Surface of a Small Planet (UK)(US) [Non-Fiction]

After The Lies (UK) (US)

At the Edge of the World (UK) (US)

Banished: The Gods Among Us Book One (UK) (US)

Better off Dead (UK) (US)

Betting on Hope (UK) (US) [Chic Lit]
Carpathia (UK) (US)

Chasing Amanda (UK) (US) [Crime]
Crying through Plastic eyes (UK) (US)

Facing the Son, A Novel of Africa (UK) (US)
Funnily Enough (UK) (US)

George Knightley, Esquire, Book One: Charity Envieth Not (UK) (US)

Gospel of the Gun (UK) (US)

Gray Justice (Tom Gray #1) (UK) (US)

Heads (UK) (US)

I'm in Heaven (UK) (US)

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Written by Herself (UK) (US) [Biography]

Jaguar Sun (UK) (US)

Journey to Ki: Highest Monastery in the World (UK) (US) [Biography]

Keeping the Peace (UK) (US)

Life Changing (UK) (US)

Life With a Purpose (UK) (US) [Non-Fiction]

Lily Loves to Love (UK) (US) [Chic Lit]

Lodestone Book One: The Sea of Storms SF (UK) (US)

Magpie & DIlly (A Nexus Series Tangent) (UK) (US)

Merry Baker (UK) (US) [Crime]
Michal's Window (UK) (US) [Historical Romance]

No Matter What (UK) (US)

Philly Rouge (UK) (US) [Mystery]

Phone Monkey : The Secret Diary of a Frustrated Call Centre Worker (UK) (US)

Practical Qabalah Magick - Working the Magic of the Practical Qabalah and the Tree of Life in the Western Esoteric Tradition (UK) (US) [Non-Fiction]

Progeny (UK) (US)

Promise Me This (UK) (US) [Historical Fiction]

Redemption Day (UK) (US)

Retirement Can Be Murder (A Jake Russo Mystery) (UK) (US)

Role Reversal (UK) (US)

Rowena Through the Wall (UK) (US)

Save My Soul (UK) (US)

The Best-Made Plans (UK) (US)

The Blood Upon the Rose (UK) (US)

The Book of Kells: Copulating Cats and Holy Men (UK) (US)

The Crone Club (UK) (US)

The Devil's Dime (The Samaritan Files) (UK) (US)

The Everything Grow Your Own Vegetables Book (UK) (US)

The Feasts of Lesser Men (UK) (US)

The Four Laws of Purpose: Keys to Living Your True Calling (UK) (US)

The House On The Creek (James Creek) (UK) (US) [Romance]
The Inheritance (The Donatelli Series) (UK) (US)

The Lake (UK) (US)


The Missing Daughter (UK) (US)

The Sherlock Foundation (UK) (US)

The Traz (UK) (US)
The Wheel of Justice (UK) (US)
Ties That Bind (A Madison Knight Novel) (UK) (US) [Police Procedural]

Unfrozen (UK) (US)

Untamable Rogue (Formerly: A Christmas Baby) (The Rogues Club, Book Four) (UK) (US)

Winter Affair (UK) (US)  [Romance]


  1. Those with red links were added belatedly - thus the extra highlight. My apologies to those authors for needing to be reminded of their promotion on twitter.

  2. Hello! I was just wondering how an author could be included on this list. Thanks!

  3. Just leave a comment - preferably with your amazon links, or tweet us @90daysnovel and we'll add you as soon as we can.