Sunday, 1 April 2012

Two weeks into the 90 days challenge.

We're now a full two weeks into our challenge. So far we've created our website/ blog at, gained a huge number of twitter followers, and been liked several thousand times of facebook. The support from the writing community has been absolutely tremendous - I would list all of you by name, but I fear I would miss a few with the number of mentions, retweets, link backs and listings we have had. I'd like to say a huge thank you to you all for this. I hope we can return the favour someday.

As far as the writing goes we plotted out the rough story in days one and two, as well as drawing up planned character arcs & bios, garnering research on a number of topics (I'm sure you've all experienced the phenomenon of googling one point, and finding yourself reading something totally unrelated two hours later!) and starting on the writing.

We're now at 28,785 words (unedited) which means on top of the social media activity (314 tweets, plus this blog so far!) we've written in excess of 2000 words per day. Without Dan having a broken finger (and, as of yesterday a sprained ankle to boot) we would probably have been closer to 3000. It's not as prolific as e.g. JA Konrath (who has a fantastic blog for newbie authors) and his 4000 words per day, but we're still proud.  We've gone from complete novices to doing some fairly protracted writing periods in a very short space of time. Considering this challenge is only done in our spare time, I'm pretty happy with our progress.

If we extrapolate the rate we've been writing we'll hit our target of 80,000 in less than 40 days total - or in a little under four weeks from now.

That should leave us with about the same timeframe again to design our own e-book covers (we'll be putting sample designs up here for your feedback) and fully edit the book, format it, and market it. It'll be fairly tight, but hopefully we'll finish on time.

Thanks for reading,

Dan and Sean


  1. We are totally in awe of your challenge and we can't wait to read the finished book. We highly recommend drinking a lot of Red Bull and the hiring of minions to do menial daily tasks.

  2. Alas, the shop was out of minions. I've got a whole tub of kenco coffee to be going on with, which is working so far. It worked a bit too well last night as I ended up awake until 4 am plotting on twists and turns.

  3. at least you were doing something constructive whilst awake :) Try Amazon for the minions. Or Ebay. Failing that, put an ad in your local newsagent's. If Kenco is the secret to your success, keep drinking it.