Saturday, 26 May 2012

3 week update

Hello all,

Just a quick one from us today - it's been such a lovely day so we haven't written a lengthy blog post. We'll get back to that when it's no longer BBQ weather.

Today is the 3 week anniversary since Dead on Demand went live on Amazon. We're delighted with the response so far. We've issued a 2nd edition today fixing a few minor errors - you can get this via the manage your kindle page, and selecting update title from the dropdown next to Dead on Demand.

I can't diclose sales stats due to Amazon's Ts and Cs for KDP, but we peaked at #30 in category and have some lovely reviews.

Our non fiction law titles have also fared well. Between them they've hit #1 in 3 categories. So thank you to those that have tried the primers - we'd love your feedback. I've taught advocacy and negotiation in person, and they are very much learn as you try skills so it will be interesting to see if people find them as useful as the workshops I used to do.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to all of you that have read our tweets, bought the book, read the book, reviewed the book, mentioned the book or otherwise helped us out. We can't do this without you - and you guys are absolutely wonderful.

I'll leave you all to your weekends, and Dan will be back with a more intelligent blog post tomorrow :)


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