Thursday, 10 May 2012

5 Day Recap

Hello all!

A quick recap on the 5 days our book has been out so far. We peaked in the charts at #30 for British Detective stories on Kindle. Sales have, as expected, dropped a bit after initial peak.
I can't give numbers as Amazon require confidentiality. I can point to our overall ebook ranking though. We've slipped from mid 5k to 30,747 as of this post.
As those of you who've been with us for a while will know, I fully expected this. Most ebooks show a high initial rush (friends/family/ launch day buzz) followed by a big drop, then a slow build. Even the bestsellers often had eight or nine months not doing much before shooting off.

On the plus side, we now have 8 reviews on Amazon UK and two on Amazon US.
US average - 5*.

UK average 4.8 odd - made up of seven 5* reviews and one 4*. Had to lose the perfect average sometime, so it's not too disconcerting. At least it's a reasonable review.

That's us for today - we'll be back tomorrow looking at tax. 'Cause that's our idea of a fun Friday.

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