Sunday, 6 May 2012

Blog post by L K Jay - things you can do in 90 days

Hi all, today we have a guest post from L K Jay, author of 'The Policeman Who Was Afraid of the Dark.

Things you can do in 90 days

By L K Jay

Hello *pops up head* I’m L K Jay and I’ll be your blogger for today! We’ve got a couple of things on the specials board and life jackets are under your seats.

I am mightily impressed with Dan and Sean’s endeavours to write and produce a novel in 90 days. 80,000 words in about three months including editing, cover art and marketing, that’s about 1000 words a day and all the rest. Now that’s self discipline. I can’t wait to download ‘Dead on Demand’.

It got me thinking though, what else can you do in 90 days? I Googled it to find out…

1. I could go to America or Australia on a tourist visa.

2. I can lose quite a lot of weight, according to some of the slimming sites. I would have to live on water and lettuce but it can be done.

3. I can learn a language in 90 days, apparently. I think Chinese would be a bit of a challenge though.

4. One site tells me that I can improve my fertility in 90 days. Well I’ll bear that one in mind.

5. A marketing company also offered to make me a lot of cash in 90 days. I’ll just draw out my life savings…

Out of the five, I think we’d all like to go for number one although testing out number four could be fun! But given the time, I’d love to have a go at the 90 day novel challenge, if it wasn’t for the pesky day job taking up my time. Damn it.

So here I am with a novel to publicise and a story to tell. It’s called ‘The Policeman Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ and it’s a crime novel about an ex-undercover Met officer, Detective Constable Saul Watson, who finds himself in a small Fenland town and it’s come as a bit of a culture shock. He goes on a date with the only good-looking woman he’s seen lately and it goes rather well, they spend the night together but he wakes up next to her body and he finds himself accused of her murder. Saul has to go on the run and he finds himself on the other side of the law as he tries to prove his innocence.

It took about 90 days to write the first draft and then about another 90 to edit and produce it. It took about 90 minutes for Saul’s life to be turned upside down and about 90 seconds for him to escape from custody.

What would you like to achieve in 90 days? Take 90 seconds to think about it, make a decision and then stick to it. If you don’t have a go, you’ll never find out!

You can download ‘The Policeman Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ and other stories by L K Jay from Amazon.

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  1. that's a great post. Laughed at the idea of bearing the fertility in mind. In 90 days we can definitely write a novel and do one edit, but that's it. We'd never have the guts to release it. We'd like to spend 90 days doing a ghost hunting/castle exploring trip. Though we wouldn't like to be away from the Animal Army for that long and we don't think our mum would be too impressed being in charge.

  2. Thanks for letting me appear on your blog chaps! Reading Dead on Demand now, can't put it down...

    1. Ah, you are too kind :)
      Glad you're enjoying it!