Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Halfway - where's the time gone?


"The total number of days between Today and Friday, June 15th, 2012 is 45 days."

 Wow, we're now halfway through our 90 days challenge, and so far we have:
  • Written our first draft (by day 26)
  • Self edited draft one (by day 28)
  • Sent it out to alpha readers by email and post (days 29-35 - printing takes time!)
  • Read and considered all the alpha feedback
  • Read and considered editorial feedback
  • Completed Developmental Editing
  • Reproofed the manuscript to fix any unseen errors, and those introduced during the developmental edit
  • Formatted the ebook for kindle by hand. Checked the formatting worked on kindle
  • Started our social media campaign - we've had over two million impressions total (be that tweets delivered to streams, status' seen or blog views). [How did we work this out?]
  • Found, and hired our artist [Here's how - a guide to finding your cover artist, and how much you should be paying]
  • Blogged almost every day
 As you can see it's been amazingly hectic - but we're now sitting on a manuscript with a word count of almost 80,000 that is coherent, proof read and reasonably readable.

We've now put a sneak peek up for you guys showing off our cover art, and a seven line excerpt.

We're substantively done with the writing - barring any major errors being flagged with our beta readers we'll be on Amazon comfortably before the deadline. Watch out for a post/ tweets in the near future on this.

We're aiming to visit other authors' blogs to help publicize our project. If you've got a blog you'd like us to visit, or want to guest post here please post or tweet us. Our first guest here, @CLRaven guest posted last Friday.

So, that's ours half time wrap up. We'll be blogging as much as we can for the immediate future, and we'll try to keep up with the daily freebie lists as we know they've been popular. If you're currently midway through a project, we'd love to hear about it, so just tweet at us or comment here.


  1. This is amazing!! Well done you two!!

  2. Wow, you guys have really turned this out quickly. I'm looking forward to reading the finished book!