Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Is it quiet in here?

We've been a little slack on our blog posts the last few days. The reason behind that is we're working on our marketing eBook that is almost ready for release. We promised it would be out on the 1st of next month if we can, and we're still aiming for that.

We also promised we'd make it free on the 1st - this might not be possible. In order to make it free on the first, it needs to be enrolled in KDP the day before - meaning we'd need to get it live tomorrow. We're doing our best to meet this deadline, but we thought we'd flag up it may not be possible.

At present we've got roughly 23,000 words over 17 chapters. This covers the complete gamut of eBook marketing from social media strategies to press releases, business theory (including the long tail, the lifecycle of an eBook and more),pricing strategies, artwork, Amazon algorithms, tax, DRM, KDP Select, channels to market, targeted advertising, SEO,  and some statistics to back us up.
We realise some of the other texts in this area are quite a bit longer, but if you take a look I think you'll agree we've been fairly comprehensive, and used a concise approach that doesn't waffle on about us. Talking about ourselves for 200 pages won't help your sales at all, and it's time you could be writing instead of reading so we've tried to condense it all down to bite size chunks that are clearly labelled. That way you can pick and choose which bits to read as and when you need them.

As we said before this is going to be available for free. The way we're doing this is by making it free on the first of EVERY month from release onwards. This means anyone who wants it needs not pay as long as they are patient, and we make a little on borrows from impatient people throughout the rest of the month.

You may have noticed a few of our older blog posts have gone - this is because Select requires exclusivity, and we reused a few points from earlier blog posts.

If we can't make it free on Friday we'll shift the freebie back one day and make it free for Saturday and Sunday instead. Hopefully this won't be an issue and it'll be free on Friday as planned - we'll keep you posted.

If you do like the book, please pass the link around for others to read, and leave a review if you have the time. We're hoping to get this out to as many people as we can.

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  1. When you're working intently, it's hard to keep up with blogs. Writing takes concentration! But, I don't even need to tell you two this! LOL