Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Are there too many retweet groups/ hashtags?
It seems like every week a new retweet group gets formed, complete with a new hashtag, and it's getting a little silly. I've seen tweets this week where hashtags make up 2/3rds of the tweet - or the author sends the same thing out 5 times with the differing hashtags.
Here are the ones we've spotted:
·         #AHA - (Authors helping authors)
·         #HYFA2 (Help your fellow author too)
·         #WLCAuthor (World lit cafe author - used for their tweet teams)
·         #GRTweet (Good reads tweet group)
·         #Goodreads (generic goodreads hashtag)
·         #RT (bet you can't guess what RT stands for).
·         #IAN (Indie Author Network)
·         #AuthorRT
·         #Amreading
·         #Amediting
·         #Ampublishing
·         #ebook
·         #kindle
·         #Nook
·         #Droid
·         #fiction (and #genre - won't list em 'all)
·         #FF #WW #MM #SS (For those who aren't fluent in Twit, that's Follow Friday, writer Wednesday, mention Monday and sample Sunday.)

I think we've got way too many. It's mostly authors tweeting to other authors over and over. Normal readers don't check most of those. It's nice to get a million retweets... but are they converting into sales? If not, maybe it's time to pare back to a less aggressive use of hashtagging.
Any obvious ones I've missed? Do you use them all? Are you tired of seeing these tags in every other tweet?


  1. Susan Buchanan23 May 2012 at 06:33

    I agree that hashtags are overused, but this is partly because I am rubbish at using them. Yes, I hate when a tweet is 2/3 made up of # and personally I virtually never search for anything by #. Some of those you mention I haven't even heard of.

  2. Rebel against the tyranny of alliteration - if someone's a good guy & should be reaching a wider audience - don't wait till Friday to recommend following. Read fiction samples any day you please, not just on Sunday. Place a hash before totally random words.