Tuesday, 22 May 2012

We're writing a free how to ebook.

Evening all.

A few of those who have read our marketing posts have suggested we put an eBook together for kindle reading. So we're going to.
Best of all, we're going to make it available entirely free. Sort of.

Clearly, there are costs involved in producing an eBook so we simply can't afford to make it entirely free. Instead we're going to enrol it in KDP select and make it free every 1st of the month. This means ANYONE can download it without charge. All they have to do is wait. You can also borrow it for nothing throughout the rest of the month (which we hope will offset our costs).

We think that's fair (but, if you disagree feel free to comment).

Our basic writing plan, thrown together this afternoon is to include information on:
·         Get inspired & Get Planning.
·         Start your social media campaign.
·         Write, write and write some more.
·         Editing on a budget.
·         Getting the cover art right.
·         Polishing your manuscript ready for publication.
·         A pre-publication checklist
·         Put together your marketing plan.
·         Guest posts - Hosting, and guesting.
·         Pricing your eBook. Should you opt into KDP Select?
·         Publication
·         Reviews
·         Common mistakes to avoid.
·         Business theory applied to eBooks.
·         Making the most of social media.
·         Things that don't fit in elsewhere (Tax, DRM and other miscellaneous points).
·         A brief summary, and our thoughts on the future of epublishing.

Basically, we're going to re-order, in a logical fashion, everything we've covered to date then add in the joiners that help it flow. We're aiming to give a nice, simple and easy to follow framework for others to turn into their marketing plans.
We're hoping to get this done fairly quickly - we've already written many thousands of words in articles, both here and as guest posts. With a little polishing this should come up to a readable standard fairly quickly. If anyone wants to help proof the result, we'd appreciate volunteers.

If you've got anything else you think we should cover in a basic how to ebook guide please feel free to suggest it - we'll try and accommodate as much as we can.


  1. Love the idea! Happy to help with an edit.
    Sarah - Bright Sea Publishing

  2. Susan Buchanan23 May 2012 at 06:30

    Can I just say that's an absolutely brilliant idea. Particularly with the timeframe you pair condensed your work into, who better to show indies some of the issues they will come across, what to avoid and how to be successful. I wish you all the best. Sooz

  3. You are the best! That's a fantastic idea. You two seem to understand the Indie industry better than anyone else I know. Well done :D