Friday, 1 June 2012

NEW book - Can't Sell, Won't Sell. Free today and tomorrow!

Good morning all!

A few of you asked about a potential marketing text over the last few weeks.

We're delighted to announce Can't Sell, Won't Sell which covers all the basics of indie marketing plus a few more that few take note of.

We've covered everything from KDP select to social media success. We've even included a chapter on contemporary business theory and how it relates to the e-publishing world.

Best of all, it's entirely free - for those who are patient.

We're going to make it free on the first day of every month. That means anyone can pick it up without investing a penny.

If you can't wait, it is for sale too but we suggest you either wait it out, or use your prime borrow to pick it up at no cost to yourself.

You can find Can't Sell, Won't Sell at:

It's free from right now until the end of tomorrow (we've done a double freebie for launch) so please do grab a copy, and if you like it (or, don't like it) then leave a review and let others know what you think. We'd also like to say thank you in advance for any retweets etc.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Dan and Sean


  1. How do I list my book here? It's only free today. Here's the link.

  2. Hi Anthea,

    Generally we don't list everyone else's books. We did maintain a curated list of our favorite freebies but reading all of them to sort the dross was not time effective.

    If people ask in advance I'll try to accomodate guest bloggers when they do freebies, but this is a private blog rather than a free eBook site. I would suggest trying the kindleboards, pixel of ink and kindle nation for your freebie listings. They get alot more readers than we do - as this is essentially an author blog for the most part.

    I'll leave your comment up though so anyone who wanders by can find your ebook.