Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Ripple in Time by Julia Hughes

Hello all,

Fellow indie Julia Hughes is going to be giving away her breakthrough novel A Ripple in Time for 5 consecutive days as a blowout before it becomes non-exclusive to Amazon.

It's an unusual book, rated at 4.2* on Amazon UK currently that deals with a few historical 'what ifs'?
In an alternate history the Titanic didn't sink, and the passengers all made to America.
This had a knock on effect throughout history changing the present day in subtle and unexpected ways.
Our protagonist, Wren, is given the chance to go back and restore the timeline, but if he does so it will result in the deaths of hundreds of innocents by ensuring that the Titanic sinks.

If you could find a spare tweet to let people know this great book is free, I know Julia would really appreciate it. She's very much a part of the indie community, and always ready to lend a hand whenever anyone needs her help, so it would be great to pay her back with a little added exposure for her giveaway. It really is a great little book, and it deserves to find readers.


  1. Thank you Sean and Dan, there's been a fantastic response from the indie community, and I've watched in amazement as this little indie book has simply rocketed through Amazon's free download charts.
    At this very moment, "A Ripple in Time" has reached the number one spot in Action and Adventure, and unbelievably, hit the top 30 in bestseller free downloads. A success beyond my wildest dreams, and all down to the very generous support of a great bunch of people, and I'm certainly anxious to repay favours. In the meantime, I'll simply say thanks again, couldn't have done it without you guys.

    Julia, @tinksaid

  2. And an update - still coming back down to earth, and still trying to say thank you to everyone who tweeted or retweeted and freely gave their time to help make this 'blow out promo' as you call it an absolute blast.
    A Ripple in Time was downloaded over 16,800 times. If any indie author wants to know how I managed to reach such dizzy heights, I'll say with a lot of help from my friends, and by following the advice given in a little book entitled "Can't Sell, Won't Sell." Honestly - my last promotion saw a take up of 106 downloads, so I'm not exactly brilliant at marketing.
    Thank you so much for all your expert advice, and for patiently answering questions and shoving me in the right direction.

    Julia, @tinksaid