Thursday, 14 June 2012

Summer slump

Hello all,

Just a quick blog post today as Dan's doing his final exam, so I get to do the writing, blogging and marketing for the day solo.

Dead on Demand has now been out for the better part of 6 weeks, and we're beginning to see slow down (which is what you'd expect - an initial rush, drop off and slow build is a typical endogenous interest model) but this is exacerbated by the summer.

Fewer books sell over the summer anyway, so it's not a great deal of concern. The Euro 2012 has further distracted the typical reader from their kindle, so the whole market is trudging along at a slowed pace.

The downside to this is fewer sales, so reduced income over the summer which is never nice if you are relying on your eBook work for bills etc.

The flipside is that it now only takes a moderate number of sales to move up the rankings. A handful of sales per day can get some serious exposure on the top lists in genre - even in the more competitive categories. It also means those who do maintain a few sales will move up in the algorithsm that use relative comparisons - such as the also bought pages. If you are selling, and your competitors aren't then you'll rise up towards the first page of their also boughts as they sink down yours.

It's like a recession, but seasonal in nature. It seems like we should ease off, let nature takes it course. That isn't so. If you invest time and money now in advertising a few modest gains now (which probably wouldn't cover the cost of an advert due to the market slump) will pay off when the market picks up. You'll be ahead on also boughts, ahead on rankings and up in the popularity lists.

Combined with a new release around September when the eBook market should start to recover, you could end up in a very strong position ready for the huge Christmas sales season (which may well eclipse the rest of the year).

I'm currently working on my marketing plan for the last quarter. Are you thinking that far ahead?

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