Friday, 6 July 2012

Dead on Demand is out in paperback!

Afternoon all,

We're delighted to announce that Dead on Demand is available from today as a trade paperback.

Featuring 350 pages (at 5"x8" standard size) and weighing the better part of a llb, this is, in our opinion,  a great example of what can be done using print on demand with a limited budget.

Quality wise, we think it's pretty indistinguishable from almost any big 6 offset printed book. It's a little better quality paper than a mass market paperback and is therefore correspondingly priced a tiny bit higher.

It's £9.99 (or $16.99), and here in the UK Amazon will deliver it for free. It took Amazon less than 36 hours to get us listed and 'in stock' from the approval of the proof so incredibly quick, and it was dead easy too. We did hire in a cover designer (the lovely Nadica Boskovska) but the rest of the work was simply using createspaces templete, adding a section break to get page numbers only on the right pages and embedding the font file.

In the end we opted to pay the $25 for expanded distribution so it's available to all the wholesale distribution markets including libaries (Feel free to request a copy - they might get it in at your local if a few people ask!). We should therefore also be listed on B&N, Waterstones etc in due course.

With any luck, that means Amazon will knock 10% off as is their custom as they like to be the lowest price around (Don't worry, we still get paid - it's wholesale rather than agency unlike KDP!).

We've also got a limited number of copies for bloggers so if you are interested in a review copy feel free to get in touch.

We'll be back on the blog on Monday, and Dan will be taking back over so you'll probably see an uptick in quality and regularity as usual.

Have a lovely weekend all!


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