Saturday, 4 August 2012

Can't Sell, Won't Sell - update time

Afternoon all!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics.

I'm currently working on updating Can't Sell, Won't sell. I'm taking it out of Select at the end of the month so I can price match it to free.

As part of that I'm going to be refreshing the content (adding in PoD and a few other minor additions), and I'm having a new cover done.

I also think the title and blurb need some work; the original was done very quickly and it clearly wasn't as good as it could be. While it doesn't need to be AMAZING for a free title, I think it needs to reflect the quality of my other work.

So I'm thinking of chaning the title by dropping the 'An everyman's guide to eBook marketing' (or chaning it to something less obnoxious sounding).

I'm also intending to change the blurb from:

"This eBook is a condensed, coherent and straight forward guide to taking your eBook from mere idea to the Kindle store. Selling eBooks is competitive, and we can't guarantee you success. All we offer is our experience on how it could be done. This title covers the entire process of writing through to publication and beyond, however the primary focus is on post publication marketing. We cover everything from how algorithms can influence sales to the way word of mouth spreads over social media. Using plain, legible English this eBook will guide and inspire you as your book finds its audience.

This eBook will be made available for free on the 1st day of every month."

to something more like...

"Can't Sell, Won't Sell is a no-nonsense 'how to' eBook marketing guide.

Grounded in business theory with clear explanations of the long tail, the business lifecycle of an electronic product Can't Sell, Won't sell helps you understand how the eBook market operates.

This theory is then applied in practice showing you how to use Social Media, branding and the right professional services (such as cover artists and editors) to make your eBook stand out among the million+ available for sale on Amazon.

While Can't Sell, Won't Sell is dedicated to the eBook market a chapter is dedicated to process and economics of creating a print equivalent including a brief explanation of the Print on Demand sector.

Promotional techniques including KDP Select, Pay per click and PPM are explained including our opinion in which techniques work and which don't.

The advice given covers both pre and post publications advertising with suggestions on where and how to solicit reviews."

I can't give a peek at the new cover yet, but I'll post it up here before it goes live on KDP for any final thoughts.
As ever, thanks for any advice/ opinions!

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  1. I think a better title would be 'Can't Sell - Don't Sell!'
    In my view, that's why this little book is so important and works so effectively. There is no hard sell campaigning involved. Just spectacular advice on how to make readers aware of that your books exist, and might provide an enjoyable read.

    Looking forward to the print on demand chapter, still very hazy about this.