Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Can't Sell, Won't Sell: Updates, a Free Day and Print Edition coming soon!

Well, it's been a busy day on the 90 days blog.

Dan posted up about the new Indian Kindle market prices, and I followed up with a look at some fantastic artists.

Well, today is going to be a three-fer.

We're delighted to announce that Can't Sell, Won't Sell has been updated. You may have noticed some previous posts have disappeared - don't worry, it's only temporary. CSWS is in KDP Select for a little longer so we can't have duplicated content live here until it's out of contract.

We actually did 2 updates. One was last night to add the new designed cover and add print economics and a chapter on how to run a free promo.

Then we updated a second time today to add in a section on pricing for the Indian market.

Those who already have a copy can update by going to the 'Manage my Kindle' screen at Amazon and selecting update from the drop down to the right of CSWS.

If you haven't got it, don't worry - it's free next week. We're free on the 29th August as it's out of Select before the 1st when we'd normally go free.

CSWS will also be making it into print. At 30,691 words it's short enough to remember all of our advice and long enough to contain pretty much everything an Indie needs to know (and some stuff you don't!).

While we'd like to make a little money back on the time it took to write/ update, and the time it'll take to update and promote in future, we're keen to keep this as affordable as possible. We'd also like to recoup the $65 invested in artwork.

If we price at $3.69/ £3.08/ €3.27 then it comes out at breakeven according to CS calculator.

It's just a case of finding out where the happy medium is between that, and making a fair profit. On the $6.99 kindle price we made $4.89 per copy. To get that on Amazon sales we'd need to price at $12 on Createspace which is plainly excessive.

What do you guys think is fair?

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