Monday, 20 August 2012

Flash update

A very quick blog post today just to keep this blog alive. We've been very busy behind the scenes and have added quite a bit of new material to Can't Sell, Won't Sell.

We've also hired Laura LaRoche from to redo the cover on it.

CSWS comes out of Select at the end of this month, and our final free day (using Select) will be on August 29th.

After this we'll be putting CSWS up on other vendors and attempting to price match it to free permanently.

This means there will be NO FREE DAY on September first as our Select contract ends just before then (thus the free day on the 29th!).
The new content covers/ will cover; Print info, how to run KDP Select freebies and a few other miscellaneous extras. Owners of the older editions will be able to update via the 'manage my kindle' feature on Amazon.

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