Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day 1 Review: 24 Hour check-in

Yesterday we launched the Dead on Demand freebie promotion (which we planned in an earlier blog post if anyone wants to see the exact marketing breakdown).

A big part of the plan was front loading some of the marketing. Our Kindle Nation Daily feature was yesterday and we ran a huge ad campaign on Facebook to promote the giveaway event.

We've finished day one at #9 in the UK and #12 in the USA.

Unfortunately we're not sure how that breaks down in total downloads as the UK reporting tool appears to be broken (as it indicates 0 downloads!).

We know that has had 13,274 downloads after 24 hours.

That equates to roughly one download every six and a half seconds on average for the entire day!

The UK is bound to be a bit less, but it should still be fairly substantial given the rank we've managed to get to. Anyone want to place a guess on what number will finally show up when they fix the reporting tool?

We haven't had a chance to work out every we've been featured so far yet, but we'll work that + our final advertising bill total out at the end of day 5, and post back so you can all see exactly how much bang we got for our buck. Our facebook advert alone has been seen by 40,141 Kindle fans (an average of 4 times each), and our tweetreach managed 279,258 impressions in the last 15 hours (over 60,934 accounts).


Not got yours yet?

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