Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 2 review: 48 Hour check-in

Day two of the Dead on Demand free promotion was as hectic as the first. We had a reasonable day over at fluctuating between #8 in the whole store and #11 to then drop back overnight to #18. We think the reporting tool on sales might be stuck as the number shown in KDP hasn't changed since 8 hours ago, and it'd be a little weird to go from 300+ dls/ hr to zero in one go.

The real success of the day was in the UK where we climbed first to #5 then to #3 then #2 and finally #1 where now remain. The reporting tool seems to be playing catch up - we've had a few thousand reported downloads, but it's still ticking up in bursts as if it's collating data from other servers. We'll let you know how many downloads the #1 position actually represents as soon as we can.

We're now starting day 3 in approx 40 minutes as of the time we're writing this, and our download total is well in excess of 20,000 copies shifted.

Our biggest 'ad' of the day was being featured by the Frugal Ereader, and we've now been featured by all the big sites except Ereader News Today (but hey, there's always tomorrow!).



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  1. Total downloads (with UK still lagging - it's been jumping every half hour or so since stats began appearing).
    This is at exactly 9AM so dead on the 48 hour mark:
    Italy 3
    Spain 5
    France 7
    Germany 53
    UK 4339
    USA 18310
    Total: 22717