Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 3 Review: 72 Hour check-in

Another exciting day for us as the third day comes to a close with just two left to go on our 5 day freebie promotion.

The good news is that we're still #1 on which is fantastic. Home crowd support is amazing, and we are truly grateful for all the likes, tweets, emails, mentions etcetera.

On the US side we've not fared quite so well slipping to a current position of #28 in the store which is mostly because a whole group overshot us as part of a combined promotional blast. I may have to consider adopting a similar strategy - it certainly seems to get the freeloads. They should drop off free this morning which may well cause a bit of a resurgence in the USA. We were at 19-22 for most of the day yesterday so fingers crossed that we can stay top 100 'til midnight Saturday.

Onto the numbers...
At the 72 hour mark we've had more than 31,000 worldwide downloads!

We're delighted with the download numbers - and astonished at holding a #1 spot, but now is not the time to reflect - our next step will to be look at turning those freeloads into actual sales from Sunday. Our 'Sales' rank will be awful (as we won't have had a paid sale for 5 full days) but our 'Popularity' rank will be huge for a little while, and it's this visibility that in an ideal world would snowball into long-term success.

A few of you may have noticed our 'also bought' list has changed (and is now filled with 20p bestsellers). This should mean we now appear on other pages (though not necessarily those that appear on ours - also boughts are not reciprocal). These miniature adverts on other books plus popularity rank surge plus some word of mouth resulting from thousands of new readers will hopefully be the shove needed to get the sales rolling.

Not got yours yet?


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