Saturday, 8 September 2012

Day 4 Review: 96 Hour check-in

Day 4 is now over, and we're into the home stretch. We have just 24 hours remaining so anyone who hasn't grabbed their copy yet needs to be pretty quick about it.

Day 4 saw us fluctuate in the USA between #19 and #25 (which is where we are now). Our US rank seems to slip overnight which is probably because we aren't promoting while we're asleep.

In the UK we're still the #1 free eBook - if we're still then when we come off free that's some instant visibility to help drive sales.

Our worldwide download total is now 40,797!

It's probably a good  time to try and guess what will come next. We expect a few reviews to trickle in over the next 6 weeks. Some will be good, some will be bad. By getting this many downloads it is guaranteed some of them won't be the hardcore crime fans we are trying to reach - people download anything if it's free. So some of the downloads will go to those that don't like crime, and that will feed a few negative reviews. We hope the positives will outweigh that - we've already had two people tweet us with exceptionally positive comments which really made our day.

In terms of sales we think there will be a small bump - our popularity rank will be pretty impressive after this many downloads, and our visibility post free on the free list will drive a couple of sales (and a couple of sale/ immediate returns from readers that don't realise the free list also shows recently free titles).

The question is 'Can this snowball into ongoing success?' and that is a solid 'Maybe'. Some titles manage it, some don't. Free is great for exposure but you can't guarantee people will like your book enough to tell their friends about it. What we will have is short term visibility from pop rank, and long term increased visibility from also boughts so we should get some uptick in sales - but it won't be anywhere near the income we would have had from selling 40,000 copies.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Not got yours yet?



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