Sunday, 9 September 2012

Final tally now in! Dead on Demand's free promotion is over.

Our free download promotion is now over. We hit #1 in the UK and stayed there for the entire promo. In the USA we jumped around a bit between 8 and 12 early on then 18 to 26 on days three and four before an ENT mention saw us rebound up to our final position of #6 free eBook in the USA (#5 fiction).

Final download count: 54,344!

It's been a real rollercoaster watching the download count spiral, as well as all the comments (both good and bad) coming in via twitter/email and review. We did get a couple of end of book typos pointed out - a big shout out to @MelanieM1402 for pinging us over the exact locations. These have now been fixed - owners of older editions can update via manage my kindle for free. Our apologies these were left in - unfortunately it's not possible to be 100% error free. We also had a few reports of typos pertaining to British spelling and grammar. This is deliberate - we are English, sorry about that. It would be a bit odd to set a story in London and then use American spellings. This isn't likely to change, but thank you all anyway for taking the time to notify us.

Right now we're still listed on the free lists, but with prices attached. That will probably means sales followed by returns when people realise they bought a paid book, and will mess up our return % for September. We've been running well under 1% and I can see this spiking to 5%+ if we're unlucky.

If sales gain a little traction from the pop rank boost then we could well see an entry on the movers and shakers list on the cards which would drive a few more sales, otherwise it'll be a case of watching us peak in 3 or 4 days and then either snowball or slip back down. Most books do the latter, but we have had a phenomenal number of downloads, and this should bouy our popularity rank for a while.

Thank you all for sharing/ tweeting/emailing/ liking/ downloading/ reviewing and everything else. You've all been absolutely stellar, and this has really been a group effort. Thank you just doesn't seem sufficient.

While we aren't free anymore (and probably won't be again as we're leaving Select to broaden our reach) you can still download us for less than the price of a caramel macchiato:




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