Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Introducing Melanie Mitchell, founder of Essential Editing

We've invited artists, cover designers and other authors over to say hello a few times. Today we've invited editor extraordinaire Melanie Mitchell to introduce herself. Melanie has experience in working with everything from technical documents such as contracts to full blown commercial advertising campaigns.
She's recently opened her doors to authors at a special rate of £0.005 per word for proof reading and £0.008 per word for full blown editorial services which I'm sure you'll agree is very competitive.
So without further ado, we'll turn today's blog over to Mel...
Firstly I’d like to thank Sean and Dan for letting me do this.

So who am I and what am I doing here?  At the risk of sounding like I’m signing up for a dodgy dating site, I’m 42, live in Central Scotland and own an independent editing and proofreading business call Essential Editing.

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember and most of my childhood holiday memories involve curled up with a book in a caravan in Devon while it rained outside.  We never had much money but my sister and I would spend it all on books and then swap with each other to keep us going until we got more. 

Second-hand bookshops were a treasure trove of new worlds to explore for a very small fee.  While physically I never left the UK my imagination toured the pyramids in Ancient Egypt, followed the Greek heroes on their quests and investigated every crime with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

For me, like many others I’m sure, books were a means to escape reality.  No matter what was going on in the real world I was always welcome in a fictional world somewhere.

Workwise over the years has been admin and finance in the retail and leisure sectors where every job evolved to include proofreading and editing everything from letters and advertising to websites and training materials.

Editing in general is easy, the real art is to edit a manuscript and still leave it in the writer’s own voice.  I’m not here to change your story into my version of your story.  I want to work with you to make changes that improve your manuscript while still preserving your natural style.

When I was setting up my business I had to decide what to charge and decided that the fairest way was to charge by the word, that way no one is paying more or less than anyone else.  Proofreading costs are £0.005 per word and basic editing costs £0.008, so a 50,000 word manuscript would cost £250 to proofread or £400 to edit with proofreading included.  More advanced editing is available if needed.

Please feel free to contact me through my website www.essentialediting.co.uk or email info@essentialediting.co.uk  

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  1. What a lovely introduction! Your passion for words and reading shines through, Melanie, as does your sense of humour (or should that be S.O.H.?!)

    We hope that Melanie will work with us on our second novel, Mosaic of Light, when we've finally completed our manuscript. :-)

    Thanks, guys, for spotlighting Melanie and Essential Editing - it's good to read more about her work.