Monday, 29 October 2012

Little Nani - Book Merchandising, and it's out in eBook too!

It's been a while since we updated the blog. Both Dan and I have been unbelievably busy, but we're trying to get back into the swing of things.

Today's post is about a children's book called Little Nani. Dan and I had a parcel in the post from the lovely Cinta on Friday containing a signed copy of her work plus some amazing Little Nani merchandise, and a copy of Blissfire too.

These are the two books. On the left we've got Blissfire, a short story collection. On the right is Cinta's Little Nani collection featuring ten short stories.
All of the bag contents (we've even cheekily reused the bag, and we've listed everywhere it's been inside - so if you ever find a bag with Huelva, Portsmouth and London written inside then you've found our round the world trip bag).

 As well as writing Little Nani, Cinta has made some rather fetching promotional merchandise. The top picture is a Little Nani felt Little Nani, and underneath is a Little Nani bookmark featuring a wand charm as well as a Thunder charm.

These will be looking for a home soon as I'm sure someone else can appreciate them much more than two blokes.

I'll leave you all with a link to Little Nani which is now out in eBook as well as in Paperback as of today. You can find the links over at Cinta's blog.

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  1. Thanks! I am glad you like all of the swags :D I have to clarify it is not a bracelet, but a bookmark. I am so happy that my Little Nani is travelling all over the world!