Friday, 23 November 2012

Can't Sell, Won't Sell

A little while back, we pulled Can't Sell, Won't Sell from Amazon Select to put it in other platforms.

This isn't a money making title for us; we only ever intended to pass on the benefits of our (very steep) learning curve. So far, it seems to have gone down well. A number of you have tweeted us to say you hit the bestseller lists following our advice (especially our freebie blueprint which is exclusively on this blog so that it can be kept up to date; we do update the eBook but this is periodic rather than continuous, and the last update date is always in the product description).

We think the best way to get this book out is to put it back in Select. The visibility boost means more of you can enjoy free copies than simply uploading it for free on all platforms. For those not using a Kindle, we don't use DRM (at all) so you are perfectly entitled to download a free copy during a Select run then use calibre to convert for whatever device you want.

With that in mind, we'll be scheduling a free run shortly. We'll let you know when once this is done. If you've already read CSWS then a review would be much appreciated; it takes 10+ reviews to get listed on the major freebie sites, and without that exposure it's very difficult to hit the big download #s/

Happy Black Friday all!

Sean and Dan

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