Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Almost one year - price cut experiment

Morning all,

We're big fans of getting a resonable per copy royalty. Over the near future, we're going to experiment a bit to see if the numbers we found optimal last year are still the best revenue generators this year.

Assertions from 2012:

1. The 35% royalty rate is a bad deal.
2. Being just under a .00 is psychologically attractive (including tax)
3. Higher prices mean readers are more likely to finish the book.
4. Lower prices means tempting readers who wouldn't pick up the book otherwise (duh) which is turn could mean readers buying outside their comfort zone and thus increasing 1* count.
5. Lower prices should mean reviewers are more generous as this is taken into consideration.

So, lets test it.

We've been at $4.99/ £2.99 for the last 12 months. Let's try $2.99/ £1.49 for a month and see what effect that has. Then we can think about trying a 99c rate temporarily when book 2 is released, and see what effect that has (likely to be September).

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