Friday, 19 April 2013

Blog traffic - how quickly can you get visits?

This week, we've upped our output on the blog. For a while, we didn't have much new content and this week we've tried to make up for that with 15 new articles this week.

We've also put out a few tweets inviting guest blog posts - within the remit of publishing, marketing or writing tips. If this interests you then leave a comment, tweet us @90daysnovel or email us on

In blogging, content is king. With no new content, we typically had 20-40 visits a day. Not bad for archive material written last year but not an active blog.

Since Monday this has steadily climbed...

One week stats from Google Analytics

We started the week at virtually nothing. Since then, the only promotion done was a couple of tweets mentioning the blog posts. As you can see from Traffic Sources, this makes up a small percentage of our traffic. Most of it is organic, with 5% or so coming in from google searches for terms like '90 days novel', 'Daniel Campbell', 'Can't Sell, Won't Sell' and occasionally the names of guest posters.

There are a number of individuals subscribed to the blog, and these guys get email notifications daily about new content. A huge thank you to those of you who keep up with us this way. Despite a noticeable period of abscence, you've jumped right back in on the blog reading, commenting and sharing the articles we produce. We couldn't make this blog a success without you. If anyone wants to join the subscription list, just put your email address in the box on the right hand side of this page. It's all handled by google so you know we won't spam you or share your details - simply because we don't have them directly.

This weeks traffic has climbed pretty steadily. Monday was at maintainence level. With new content we climbed to 180 unique visitors a day on Tuesday and Wednesday but surged to double this yesterday. Given that Thursday isn't peak time, this is very pleasing. If we can keep this up, we'll be ecstatic.

To help us do that, we'd love to know what you want to see on the blog. This week has been a mix of writing tips, publishing tips and marketing tips plus a guest posts and off topic personal posts.

As you can see from where the traffic has been going, it's been mostly the publishing content that has drawn traffic - covers, social media, wholesale discounts and freebie runs are all popular with other authors. Our photo tour has had a few hits in the last two days too - which we really appreciate as this sort of post takes quite a while to put together when you include time to go out and take photos.

What topics would you like to see us take on next? Today may not have so much new content , but we will have at least one blog post a day for the forseeable future.

Have a lovely Friday all!

Quick tip - use 'Jump Breaks' to prevent the whole article appearing on the home page. That way readers have to click to 'Read more' - which shows which content is most popular. Otherwise readers can see the lot in one page view, and you don't know how much they are actually engaging with your blog.

Quick tip #2 - Don't measure the success of a blog in absolute terms. It's the rate it grows at that matters, not the absolute visitor count. If May is busier than April, and April is busier than March then you're doing something right.

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