Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Eleanor's jogging route - A photographic tour of the London scenes that inspired Dead on Demand

A few weeks ago on twitter, we offered to do a photo tour of the London we know and love. Many parts of London feature in our work, and reviewers have gone to some lengths to say how vivd and lifelike our description of these scenes can be.

Today is the first part of our photo tour. Our plan is to show off all the bits of London we've featured, but we're going to start with the jogging route our first victim, Eleanor, takes as she runs around West London in the morning. From Pimlico and Chelsea over the to Battersea Park, we've walked the whole of the route and taken a few photos at various times & in various weather conditions so you can experience Eleanor's route.

Battersea Park - South Road

Bridge (East end of the route)

Chelsea Embankment

Chelsea Harbour

Big ole house overlooking the Thames
Another bridge
Cadogan Pier
Boat on the Thames in Chelsea Harbour - Battersea Park in backdrop

Battersea Park, Chelsea Gate (NE corner of Battersea Park)

Battersea Park from the North Bank

Yet another bridge.

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