Sunday, 28 April 2013

Premades and Shorts - an experiment.

Last year, we did an blog post looking at the state of theeBook cover market. We showed you four covers we bought from £16 up to £152, and gave you the opportunity to compare them.

Rather neatly, this post has reminded me we have a couple of unused covers. One of them will be used for a later blog post - Dan and I are going to write a short story in 10 hours of work or less. That's £63.10 in minimum wage labour, and £16.37. in cover design for a total investment value (TIV) of £79.47. For a short story, we think this is about as cheap as it's likely to get. You can go down the fiverr route, but I like to be sure stock images are being licensed properly.

To avoid the results being skewed by our own profile, we'll be using a pseudonym to release it. As befitting a small investment, we won't publicise it via any paid means nor will we spend time submitting it for reviews etc. Doing that would easily double the time investment. We'll price at 99c (so 35c/ 20p royalty). We need to sell 398 copies at that price to cover our nominal TIV of £80.

We'll report back once the story is written and live (including any adjustment for time under/ over that 10 hours) then we'll monitor sales. Do you guys think it will pay off?

Our test cover.


  1. Are you opening a 'book' on the book? If so what are the odds? :D I'm willing to bet you two make your initial expenditure back - but you'll end up working for love.


  2. Haha, no. No gambling. Not this time :)

    I think you're right, but it might take a while to pay off. Lifetime value = 398 sales over a lifetime. One every 5 weeks if you assume 40 years (which is pretty typical in actuarial assumptions).