Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Track your marketing success

Track your success: See which Advertising campaigns work
When you run an advertising campaign you need to know if it worked. Sometimes this is obvious as your sales will shoot up. The complication is when the effect is slight or can't be easily attributed.

If you have a google account and go to goo.gl you can turn long links (www.whateversiteyouwanttolinkto.com) into short ones which look like this: goo.gl/random letters.
You don't need a google account to create the short URL but if you do then Google adds the goo.gl to your account history. This lets you track  who clicked it, what the referring URL was, where the visitor is located and what browser they use. This can help nail down your demographics. If you are running multiple advertising campaigns at once then use a different URL for each to see which URLs are driving visitors to your sales page or website.

Click through stats for September 3rd 2012: Top item with 9 hits is a guest blog post, bottom is a facebook event promoting the book. In the middle are the UK and USA links we tweeted out. Twitter shows dramatically more traffic going through than the other links used that day with over 4000 visitors going to Amazon to check out the book. The guest post details also went out to the same audience over twitter suggesting indirect marketing was ineffective compared to direct advertising.
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