Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Monday - a WIP timeline update.

Morning all,

I hope you're all enjoying the early bank holiday (and the glorious weather).

Dan and I are working hard on our current work in progress. In our latest story, a body is found in Hackney Marshes. The body is badly decomposed, and the police are faced with great difficulty in identifying the body.

We'll be showcasing some great police procedure here, with the return of Detective Chief Inspector David Morton from Dead on Demand. This book will be gritty, but not so focussed on suspense.

It'll be coming out in early September in both paperback and eBook (Amazon initially, all formats to follow). But you guys can get your hands on a copy early: Both Beta and ARC copies will be made available.

The timeline!

Today - May 4th. WIP is unfinished. We're working on a write/ review cycle with Sean doing initial write up and Dan reading/ evaluating. A full outline is complete, so this is a 'write by numbers' task to finish the storyline, with only subplots and other character development elements being added.

May 31st - Alpha manuscript goes off to the editor. We then have 3 weeks to make any significant changes.

Early June - Artwork will be commissioned for both eBook and print wrap around.

From June 21st, we'll be making Beta Copies available. This is our uncut manuscript. We're giving this away to readers who would like some hand in shaping final story elements, but the critical story elements will all be finalised. These will be supplied electronically - and only to those who can return feedback within a two week turnaround. Formats available include .pdf, .ePub and .PRC for use on virtually any device.

The story will simultaneously go to a line edit, and several rounds of professional proofing.

From August 15th, we'll be giving away ARC copies. These are finalised edition, with any revisions limited to latent typographical errors. Anyone with a book blog, or willing to post an honest review on Amazon in exchange for a review, is welcome to request a copy. These are available in eBook and print formats.

On September 1st, we'll be going live on Amazon.  Print and eBook will launch simultaneously (or as close to as it as practicable given propogration timeframes.

From September 1st to 30th, we'll be running significant promotion for the book, with all details of that to follow.

To summarise, Beta and ARC copies are available on the dates listed above. If you want a copy then tweet us @90daysnovel, leave a comment or email us on EarlyLook at


  1. *raises hand high up in the air* ME! ME! I want an ARC copy!

  2. I'll get one in the post to you the moment the prints arrive in August :)

  3. An offer too good to refuse - put my name down:)

    Julia x

  4. Oh my goodness it sounds fabulous. I loved Dead on Demand so can't wait to read more about Inspector David Morton. I also so admire your superb organisation skills in planning exactly what you are doing by what date, I could certainly learn a thing or two from you. Would love to be considered for one of your ARC's.
    Good luck with this latest book I'm certain it will be a huge success.
    Charlie :)

  5. Julia - of course :)

    Hi Charlie, you are too kind. This story is very Morton-centric. We've spent weeks on the research - psycology, entomology, police procedure, ABE guidelines, fire investigation. We definitely needed the discipline! It's so easy to get sidetracked when researching. One second you're on blood spatter patterns thinking about negative space when an object is removed and then you're on knife crime in Melbourne... and then somehow you end up learning that 90% of koalas have chlamydia (honest!).

    We'll ping you for an address in early August once the print run is en route from Charlestone (assuming Createspace still ship from Charlestone!).

    Note to self - 1 x Copy reserved on twitter by @FenlandGirll.

  6. Haha! Good to know your research is giving you some unexpected additional knowledge, you never know when that may come in handy lol!
    Look forward to reading
    Lots of luck with it all.
    Charlie :)

  7. Can I have a copy?

    1. Only if you let us know who you are :) We can't post to 'Anonymous'! Feel free to send an email if you'd rather not post your details in the comments section.