Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Can't Sell, Won't Sell: Now free!

When we originally concieved of Can't Sell, Won't Sell we wanted to give it away as much as possible. We used KDP to do so, geting runs of 1000+ per 5 days which isn't bad for niche non-fiction. We'd then sell a handful more than usual for a week or two.

We've decided that instead of messing about with this (which isn't economical for us, and isn't the cheapest for you) that CSWS would be withdrawn from KDP Select.

Instead, it's all yours for free via Smashwords:

At some point, it'll end up on all other platforms and hopefully Amazon will price match too. For now, grab it from Smashwords to avoid paying.

If you find it useful, or if you hate it, please feel free to send us feedback (either a comment here, a review where you downloaded it, or a simple email to as that helps us revise it to be the most useful free resource it can be.

We're also going to offer a print option as a few of you have said it is easier to deal with checklists and things in print. That'll be $6.99/ £4.99. We'll let you know when that is available to buy.

Otherwise, thanks for all the feedback, advice and encouragement. We hope you continue to enjoy Can't Sell, Won't Sell!

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