Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day 1 update on How (Not) to Become a Lord or Lady

How (Not) to Become a Lord or Lady has had a pretty good first day.
It's peaked at:
  • #2 in Books > Reference > Fun Facts & Trivia > Curiosities, Imponderables & Wonders
  • #5 in Kindle Store > Books > Nonfiction > Reference > Fun Facts

  • We're really thrilled with that. It's not a long piece, and it's very niche. It's never going to be a bestseller, but it intended to be there to pick up an occasional sale from readers looking for some introductory research on peerages & titles.

    We spent ~£20 on a cover from (thanks James!) so it's only 8 sales at our £3.99 price point to cover costs which makes this one very low risk. Non-fiction titles can be great fun to write. Our mooting and negotiation guides have been well recieved, and more than justifed our writing time (albeit wirh sales concentrated almost solely in September with the start of the academic term!).

    We're intending to release a few more De Minimis guides which are designed to give succinct introductions to complex areas. Look out for a De Minimis guide to Ethics, and we're currently hoping to bring on board another author to do a De Minimis guide to Restitution which is a really fascinating legal concept that very few understand. Again, these are not big sellers but selling little and often over the lifetime of copyright can justify publication even without huge sales figures.

    If you'd like to check out How (Not) to Become a Lord or Lady you can do so at


    We'll also be upodating our Negotiation and Mooting guides, complete with new covers, in time for September. So our non-fiction offering is set to expand quite a bit.

    If you'd like a free review copy for How (Not) to Become a Lord or Lady, or any of our other titles, then drop us a message on @90daysnovel, leave a comment or email us.

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