Sunday, 30 June 2013

#SampleSunday guest post by Julia Hughes

We're going to try and run a weekly guest blog post featuring one author a week who has a work up for free, or for 99c, in the week of that post. Our first guest is none other than Julia Hughes who has seen her Cornish Romance shoot up the charts this week after giving away 5000 copies in a day. If you'd like to be featured, leave a comment or tweet us on @90daysnovel and we'll get it sorted out.

The "Bridle Path" recently started a five day free promotion at an amble and finished down the home strait at a gallop, with 5,000 copies being downloaded within the space of a twenty-four hour period. As always, much of this success can be attributed to my two hosts, Dan and Sean, and their common sense guide to marketing, "Can't Sell, Won't Sell." [Which is free from Smashwords]

There's a strong element of truth in the Bridle Path, though the battle over right of way was bloodier. Guns were involved and shots were fired. For a time, an area of the West Country became the Wild West Country. Ironically, the shooters belonged to an off-shoot (pun intended) of the church, who objected to locals using an ancient bridle path. Fortunately, no matter how loudly it’s shouted down, eventually right – or, in this instance, right of way – triumphs.

Matilda's story is gentler, with the bridle path leading to the bridal aisle. Along the way, a metamorphosis occurs: 'Tilly the Timid becomes Matilda the Magnificent, willing to take chances and live life.

The Bridle Path has been compared to eating a perfect slice of cake, and if you're looking to while away a sunny afternoon with a romantic fairy tale, you can download a copy for only 77p from or


  1. I'm thrilled to be the first indie author featured, I'm sure this guest spot is going to be a massive hit, thank you again for all your support!


  2. Great feature - great book!

    1. Thanks Jenny :) We'd be delighted to feature Jubilee Violin, Lemon and Lace or Infant Barbarian on a future Sunday.

  3. Timing is everything - between Julia's 'The Bridle Path' success and this new feature, a match was made in cyber author heaven, or so it seems to me :) Best wishes for more, to Julia and to Sean and Dan.

  4. What a fabulous idea and you selected the perfect author to kick off your #samplesunday I read and totally loved The Briidle Path, really pleased to hear so many people downloaded their free copy and for those who didn't it will be the most entertaining 77p you ever spend.
    Charlie :)