Saturday, 20 July 2013

All work, and no play.

Like most authors, we tend to work on weekends. When you've got a crazy idea that just needs to get written, telling it to wait until 9am on Monday morning is like trying not to pee.

But, everyone needs a little break. Today, I took Dan's advice and we went to Hampshire Farmers Market which turns up in Emsworth once a month. Dan's a chef, so any time he says "Check out this food," it's probably awesome.

We came away with lighter wallets, but clutching partridge, pheasant, locally produced cider, lemon drizzle cake, beetroot chocolate cake, apple and rhubarb chutney, and sundried tomato bread. For all of that, a wallet breaking £20 or so. That's about $30 for our American readers.

A bargain compared to the £5 take away rolls on the go in central London, with low food mileage and it's all organic too.

This evening will be 'business as usual' - we've got several stories in the pipeline, including revisions to do on DCI Morton's return in Cleaver Square (Yes, this is the most low key title reveal in history. I even mentioned baked goods first - you can guarantee only the most loyal of readers will have made it this far!).

As you guys may have seen on twitter, we've contracted Nadica to do the cover for this. We work with a number of amazing cover designers (Laura WrightLaRoche of, Nadica and James from but for series, we're going to keep it consistent. Digitally painted, carefully branded covers that work in print and as an eBook. Or so we hope. We'll be doing a cover reveal late August (with ARCs being sent out cover-free if needed to allow Nadica maximum time to work). So, exciting stuff for us.

We've also got the usual Non-Fic work on the way; Updated editions for our freebie marketing guide (which is shortly to appear in print), and we're going to edit the negotiation text and advocacy texts to provide slightly wider audience versions. The principles we outline in those, intended for lawyers & law students, are generally applicable so we're turning away sales in the format they're in which is plain daft. They're not big sellers, but every little helps.

We'll also be expanding the range of non-fic, and putting together affordable bundles - e.g. Legal ethics, mooting and negotiation for law students in a 3 for the price of 2 collection. It's extra digital shelf space, and the combined volume may even justify a print run.

Tomorrow is #SampleSunday - so we'll be back with our usual nonsensical witterings again on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend all!

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