Saturday, 27 July 2013

AMC & WLC $0.99c feature advert results

Our AMC & WLC promo ran yesterday. The net result: Zero sales.

Not one single sale. As expected, this one massively underperformed.


1. The adverts are not particularly prominent - you actively need to go to AMC homepage then blog to find them. They get stuck on this page:

2.  They stuck 45 (yes FOURTY-FIVE!) books in one post. An incredibly long post at that. There's sod all chance anyone will scroll that far through to find a new book.

3. The free books are given much more focus - including a direct home page link. Why would a reader seek out a list of 99c books when they've had dozens of freebies thrown at them first?

4. No curation - anything and everything made the list which devalues it for readers

5. No upper limit to submissions = Devalues the advertising.

6. No social media effect - that blog post has one singular like, and no tweets (per the ShareThis bar at the bottom of the post)

We've got to give this new .99c promo a thumbs down. The only winners are the AMC/ WLC. If the authors all paid $20 then the combined network made $1000 - quite a chunk of change for a big blog post with no discernible effect. It won't be this much as AMC offer it as part of their $105/ year membership (and if you've paid anyway, you may as well include something every single week). None of the other titles featured show any obvious sales bump either. I'd love to hear a second opinion - there's always the chance we got unlucky... but I doubt it.

Net result: -$20 (/ negates 58 of the month's sales)

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