Wednesday, 24 July 2013

AMC & WLC 99c Friday Promotion

The Author Marketing Club, and World Literary Cafe have teamed up to offer a new advertising option for 99c books. The premise is that the combined networks will be more effective than advertising with one or the other.

The cost for this advert depends which of the two sites you book through.
AMC offer it as a freebie - for their premium members (premium membership is $105/ year).
WLC charge $20

Beyond that, no requirements other than the 99c price and they list ALL books submitted with at least 48 hours notice.

Part of me likes the idea of no requirement promo. For newer stuff, or divisive content, it can be hard to keep the 4*+ averages some of the big sites need (particularly immediately post free).

Against that, there's no cap to the # that will be featured, and the exact details of the reach of the combined network is nebulous at best. So, we're going to test it. We're booking via WLC so our cost is $20 and thus we need 58 sales above our normal rate to cover costs.

My money says that is a big ask for a new service with no gatekeeping to ensure quality. There's also the risk that, if it becomes popular, the promotion will become a bit spammy with vast quantities of 99c ebooks being advertised... and thus individual books being lost in the din.

At the same time, it's a minor risk. Even if 0 extra sales result, it's only $20 lost, and we get a couple of decent data driven blog posts out of it :)

We'll report back after Friday on what effect the promotion has on Dead on Demand.

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