Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dead on Demand - featured on Kindle Books and Tips Today

Just a quick post today - Dead on Demand is due to be featured on Kindle Books and Tips at from 10:30am US time (which is GMT -05, or 15:30pm UK time).

We're running at 18 sales for the month so far, and we'll report back on the effect this promo has for us.

As ever, if you'd like to help us maximise the promo's visibility you can like/share the promo on FKBooksandTips facebook, repin them, or retweet them or us. Their social media links are;


For the authors who visit, you can book advertising via


  1. As of this morning, sales are at 66 total worldwide for July (so 3 days).
    That's +38 for the day we were featured on

    If we adjust for our average month to date sales of 9 (18/2 for the first 2 days) then we can estimate that the ad resulted in 29 sales. There may be a little reporting lag, in which case we'll comment again. But 29 sales isn't bad, even if it doesn't cover the ad cost (29 x 35c vs $25.00). We'll update this thread again in a few days to see if it has any knock on for future sales.

  2. Report lag seems to have struck again - now running at 73.

    Need to sell 72 to cover the $25 cost of the advert, so we're in the black for the month... but that includes the ~27 or so we'd have sold anyway. It'll be interesting to see if we have any prolonged sales spike that will justify having run the ad.

  3. Quick update - month to date is now 99.
    Based on 9/day, we should have sold 36. That's 63 attributable to FKBooksandTips which is $22.05 back on the $25.
    That's 9 sales from recouping all costs which may well be recouped by the increased sales over the next few days. We'll post again tomorrow, and put these comments up as an 'end of week' review so it's all in one place.