Friday, 12 July 2013

How (Not) To Lose Twitter Followers: Top 10 ways to alienate your twitter following!

Lots of bloggers offer advice on how to GET twitter followers (We did it), but retaining and engaging them is a different beast indeed.

Here, it's time to think like a follower. Specifically, what ticks me off enough to 'unfollow' someone. Here are out top ten reasons to unfollow someone:

10. Expectation Mismatch: You followed for one type of content (such as a witty joke) but now they tweet about something different.

9. Changing interests. You used to want to follow them, but no longer like the author/band/ etc.

8. Too. Many. Tweets. You're finding that your timeline is full of the same person too often. It might be legitimate content, but it's just too much!

7. Automatic Direct Messaging. One second you follow them, then you're being pelted with messages including but not limited to: Hello / Thanks for following / Join me on Facebook / Follow my blog / Buy my book. You've just connected once, why would you want to connect OVER AND OVER? If people want to stalk someone on a dozen social media sites, they will. But trust me, that isn't the follower trope you want to cultivate.

6. Automated tweeting. They're tweeting every 30 minutes, on the hour etc. Same stuff, slightly different wording. It's just computerised messaging. No real attempt to deliver meaningful or interesting tweets.

5. Lack of Engagement - Usually in tandem with #6. They just don't engage. You message them, they don't get back to you. You RT them, they don't bother to say thanks or RT back.

4. TrueTWIT validation - CAPTCHAs. 'Nuff said.

3. Offensive behaviour - They act like a jerk. Who wants to follow a jerk, other than other jerks?

2. Spam - The same crap, over and over again. In reverse, this is bots leaving who had hoped you'd follow back so they could DM spam you but give up almost exactly 7/10/30days after following.

1. "BUY MY BOOK!" - Overt, direct and unsubtle. No one wants a twitter stream full of adverts. Once in a while, sure. If a new book is out? Fine. But 10 times a day? No thanks.

You can (un)follow the author at @90daysnovel :)

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  1. Some excellent advice here - many thanks!