Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Quick Update on Morton #2

For the the next couple of weeks, blog posts might be a little sporadic. Dan and I are revising Cleaver Square ready for our planned September release.

We're taking our time a little, but that's only to try and ensure quality. To give a quick idea of how much is going into the editorial stage, here is our end to end process.

Step 1: High level concept (e.g. Murder swap online)
Step 2: Distill ideas into possible plots - still on a macro basis (E.g. becomes darknet, 6 stage swap etc)
Step 3: Outline (Character ARCs, tension planning, subplots)
Step 3b: Outline goes to our Content Editor
Step 4: Initial draft
Step 5: Self edit for content
Step 6: First alpha reads - family
Step 7: Second alpha reads - author critique
Step 8: Content Editor initial edit
Step 9: Revise for the above - contract art to conform to needs of final story (no further major changes to primary plot after this step)
Step 10: Beta readers
Step 11: Dialogue consistency (spreadsheet method - ALL dialogue to ensure no characters change syntax etc)
Step 12: Copyedit - for any technical/ language issues
Step 13: Post copyedit revision
Step 14: Line edit
Step 15: Line edit revision
Step 16: Proofreading - First 2 out of 3 rounds, all Oxford Manual of Style UK English competent.
Step 17:  Formatting
Step 18: Add art
Step 19: Print ARCs printed & dropshipped, eBook ARCs emailed
Step 20: Final proof
Step 21: Publish
Step 22: Buy own book - to check no errors have crept in
Step 23: Announce release
Step 24: Get on with next one!

As you can see, the process has become a little more refined than 'write, revise, publish', and I hope the final product will be all the better for that. While we won't be blogging too much, we will be doing a cover reveal, and our guest blog slots are always open to other authors. A teaser sample will be uploaded in due course too.

For now, I'm back to work. If you need me - drop me an email on authors@90daysnovel and one of us will get back to you asap.

If you'd like an ARC copy please click here.

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  1. An exhaustive and exhausting list - may your muse be with you:)