Sunday, 21 July 2013

#SampleSunday with Tonya Ferguson

This week's #SampleSunday feature is a little different. We normally like to highlight authors offering free or 99c eBooks, and we've had some amazing authors join us (Last week, we had the lovely L K Jay).

This week, we'd like to introduce Tonya Ferguson. This lovely lady is very broadly talented. As well as being the author of To Remember Love (available here in the UK & here in the US), she's also a recording artist (you can find her music on her website - including a free song).

What we loved about Tonya is that she draws together the written and the spoken word. The singles (which are 99c each - with generous freebies) tie in with the book. On top of that, she's recorded the whole book in audio as well.

It's a heartfelt book written for her mother, whom she cared for at the onset of Alzheimer's. We empathise quite strongly with this - being a carer is hard work, and often thankless. It has clearly resonated with readers too, earning no less than 33 reviews with an astonishing 4.9* average.

That sort of cross-medium success is no mean feat, but Tonya still finds time for her readers.  Here's an unbelievable offer, and one I hope a few of you take her up on:
"Purchase any version of my book "to remember love," Paperback, Kindle, Nook, or Audio Book. Then after you read it or listen to it, you email me and let me know. I will set up a time with you for us to talk on the phone. That's right, you get to grab you a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and get comfortable, and talk with a friend. You can ask me questions about my book, my music, my life, what I've been through, what you're going through, things life throws at you, relationship issues, or anything YOU want to talk about for 30 minutes.

So, get my book, read it, and write down a list of questions or topics you would like to talk about with me."

Yep - not only does she offer free songs and a great book, but she takes time out to talk to every single reader. That's some serious dedication (especially considering she has a substantial following -1289 people on twitter alone).

We'll leave you to check out Tonya's music and her book, but if you've got any comments, questions etc then please do say hello on twitter, or leave a comment on this post and we'll make sure Tonya sees it.
Tonya Ferguson makes her home in Missouri, is a wife of almost 33 years and mother of two daughters. Her life has taken many twists and turns throughout the years but mainly she is an Author, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, and Life Changer. She paints landscapes of truth about real life struggles with her songs and books she writes. Her delivery takes you on a very personal healing journey, by sowing a "Seed of Need" into your life's soil.
Tonya is no stranger to the pain and sorrow life can bring at times. She knows the crippling condition grief leaves you in as you face each morning without the sun. Her every breath was overwhelmed with grief, loss, and Caregiving on many sunless days. As devastating as that was for her, she has learned that she is able to encourage and guide others in a very intimate and unique way, because of all she has endured.

This is a new season in Tonya's life. She's learned the benefits of "Embracing Change," and shares those life changing and invaluable benefits with others. Through her Real, Relevant, and Relatable voice in her book, her music, one on one, and blogging, Tonya shares her wisdom and lessons she's learned, allowing lives to be changed from chaos and pain, into peace and healing. She invites you to walk alongside her on her journey.

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