Thursday, 8 August 2013

Going insane.

Last night, I had a silly idea. Christmas is coming (or, the planning needed to have a product out for Christmas needs to happen soon) and that means presents. We love our gifts, even the ones the recipients don't really want.

From aftershave to chocolate, electronics to jewellery, we spend billions every holiday season.

What if you could have something a bit more personal?

People love books, and signed editions are great... but how about going one step further. For the thriller lovers out there, I'm (potentially) offering the chance to have a one of a kind version of Dead on Demand printed and shipped to you. You can rename any character you wish (even David Morton) OR you can pretend to be an author for a day by putting your name on the cover.

That means you can give your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, or sister the chance to star in a hit crime novel. You can add a dedication inside the cover with your holiday greeting (or birthday).

Or, be the life of the party and have a printed book that you can pretend that 'you wrote'. Obviously, you won't gain any rights in the intellectual property (which will remain mine) but you get a novelty trinket, and can have a laugh watching your friends, family and co-workers sit open mouthed in awe, thinking "When did he have the time to write that?"

Option #1 (Rename a character) is dead easy. You pick a character - the bad guy for a laugh perhaps, and tell me. I'll create dummy version on Createspace (which will have a 'PROOF' page inside) and ship it direct to you. This doesn't take much time as it's a simple find + replace so we'd have to charge something like $20 + shipping.

Option #2 (Pretend to be the author) is more difficult as it means changing cover graphics. I'd get Nadica (the original artist) to swap that out so I'd have to look into cost (and turnaround time) but we'd be looking at something like $30 + shipping: Pretty cheap for a unique prank.

See, told you it was insane. Any potential takers?

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  1. That's right outside the box - I know someone who actually has the same name as an erotica writer. He keeps a copy of his namesake's book prominently displayed in the hope people will think he is the author. (True story).