Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cleaver Square - update

Afternoon all,

We're still editing Cleaver Square, and will be announcing a firm launch day shortly.
This is taking a little longer as we want to put out the best book possible, and do so in multiple formats and languages. Cleaver Square is being proofed by more eyeballs than is probably necessary, and we're gearing up for a big marketing push to go with our launch. All that takes time.

We will be posting a Cover Reveal shortly. That will go live NEXT SUNDAY - and we're going to be guesting on a few blogs at that time to show it off (volunteers with space to fill on their blog are much appreciated). We think the design by Nadica Boskovska is really thematic and fits in perfectly with our branding methodology.

That's all from us - but if you need to get in touch then email or tweet. Otherwise, see you on the other side of this editing phase!

'til Sunday.

Sean & Dan

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  1. Exciting times:) A first class space reserved for Cleaver Square's cover reveal!

    Julia x