Friday, 4 October 2013

Guest Post - Celtic Cousins Reloaded

Today, Julia Hughes returns to the blog to tell us about her Celtic Cousins Reloaded Blog Tour which marks the relaunch of her series after it was taken over by Talon Publishing. Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post for your chance to win an Amazon giftcard or a unique version of one of Julia's books. Prize draw is run by the publishers, Talon Publishing, and is not endorsed by - Prizes will be supplied by Talon Publishing subject to any stipulations set out in their terms & conditions. Entry is subject to Rafflecopter's standard terms and conditions too.

Over to Jules...

"Many thanks Dan & Sean for hosting the third day of "The Celtic Cousins' Reloaded Blog Tour". Why reloaded? Book Two in The Celtic Cousins' Adventures series has been re-edited and for the first time, will be available at all good virtual bookstores world wide from October 10.

"A Ripple in Time" is a paranormal time-travelling adventure. It's just a fantasy of course – but if you could go back in time  – what would you change? Leave a comment on this blog, and you'll be entered into a very special giveaway!

Personally, if I could have a go at re-writing history, I'd have a one to one with Eve, and tell her to stick to oranges, or mangoes and leave the apple tree alone."

A Ripple in Time: Synopsis

Celtic Cousin Wren makes a psychic connection with a girl emigrating to America in 1912. Through his eyes, she is able to foresee the fate of the ship taking her across the Atlantic. 
Consequently, RMS Titanic steams safely into New York Harbour: an anomaly which creates devastation for future generations.
Twenty-first century Britain still has an Empire, and World War One continues to ravage Europe. 
Wren must somehow turn back time, and repair history; even if it means sacrificing everything he loves.

From the author, Julia Hughes: 

An iconic image of the last century, the Titanic represents hope, ambition and tragedy. It also marks the beginning of the end of an era.  However, "A Ripple in Time" isn't all about the Titanic. It's about making unbearable decisions, taking chances and allowing faith, and love to grow. 

About this book:

"A Ripple in Time" is a time travel romantic adventure. Protagonist Wren Prenderson was nominated for "Best Hero" in the E-Festival of Words 2013 Awards Hall, and voted by readers into joint second place. 
"A Ripple in Time" has been newly re-edited for a smoother reading experience on your ebook reading device, and is Book two in "The Celtic Cousins' Adventures" series. 

Book one, "A Raucous Time" is free to download from Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. 

"A Ripple in Time" is available from all good virtual bookstores, including: Nook Books, Amazon, WH Smith and Smashwords from October 10, and in paperback from December 10. 

WIN! A customised copy of "A Ripple in Time" FREE entry: unique to you, as your name will appear in print as a passenger on board RMS Titanic. Paperback to be released on December 16. 

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  1. Great post and really got me thinking about what I would alter if I could time travel. I would be very busy as pretty much every villan in history would be recieving a visit from me and I would need to make time to warn all the people in countries about to suffer natural disasters to evacate too. Although if you get to Eve first I may not need to worry about the baddies lol!
    Good luck with the tour I'm looking forward to reading the rebooted version :)

  2. Hi Charlie & thanks for joining in the fun - now I'm having visions of Genghis Khan being made to wash his hands before dinner.


  3. Winners have been announced - see rafflecopter above for the list! The publisher will be in touch shortly to provide your prizes - see for updates.